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Street Dreams- Historic England project

Yey! I'm working on a project to celebrate and connect high streets in Wigan and Blackpool. I'm lucky enough to work alongside dance artists Sarah Gough and Jenny Reeves, film artists Jonny Randall- Mirador and Jamie Macdonald- Airship23, and music producer Charlotte Barber. We're even luckier to be inspired by the awesome past of King St. in Wigan and Church St. in Blackpool, looking at some amazing buildings including the Royal Court Theatre in Wigan and the Grand Theatre in Blackpool.

What will we be doing, you ask?

We'll all be teaming up with creative people in Wigan and Leigh to make poems, stories, memoir, dances and film. This work will be inspired by Blackpool and Wigan's shared past- think music hall, Northern soul, ballroom and circus. Phew! There'll be young people creating from WigLe Dance and Lowton High School in Wigan, and from House of Wingz and Montgomery High School in Blackpool, and an open call for adult writers across both areas.

I'm an adult writer. Can I join in?

Yes please. Come to our open workshop on Zoom on Thursday June 3rd 7.30pm. Email to book a place or ask questions. You'll discover and share stories about dancing and going out in Wigan and Blackpool and write inspired by these historical resources. Your work will be featured in one of our films.

I'd like to watch the two films you're making. Where can I see them?

The two Street Dreams films will be available from July 12th onwards. We'll be sharing them at Wigan Dance Festival in July and at Blackpool Heritage Days in September. They'll be on some awesome websites. Details TBC!

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