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Digital Download of 'The Uniform Factory.'  Ideal for schools- Y9 upwards.


‘The Uniform Factory’ is modern war poetry marching to it’s own syncopated rhythm. Anti-war. Pro-soldier.


It documents and dreams the after-affects of war in Afghanistan on the soldier’s families left behind in Northern England.  The short collection is punctuated by landays- a Pashtun poetic form, traditionally spread woman to woman, changing, rebelling and re-mixing in the telling.


Winner of BBC Radio 3 New voices award.


‘In this astonishing pamphlet Louise Fazakerley shines a passionate and compassionate light on lives lived in the swirling vortex that is the 21st Century. Voices shout from the rooftops and cower in small rooms in family homes and cry out in pain in battlefields. Hear these voices: read this work.’

Ian McMillan.  BBC Radio 3

The Uniform Factory- Digital Download

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