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Previous clients include:

  Kendal Calling Music Festival

  Wigan Council

  Impact International.

My work for these organisations has        

included commissions to write poetry,      

poetry films to advertise their product,

fringe event planning for away days

and bespoke workshops to      

explore creativity in the workplace

through creative writing, improv theatre

and drama sessions.

  "Hi Louise,                                                        "Hi Louise,

  Yesterday was awesome.  Thanks so much for putting                 Absolutely LOVE the poem!

  it together. Everyone was brilliant.  We all                       My favourite one to date                        left so inspired.                                                 Thanks,

  Thanks again, Dom                                                  Julie x

  Dominic Fitch                                                      Julie Cotton

  Head of Creative Change                                            Head of Operations

  Impact International"                                              Kendal Calling "

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