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The Lolitas- my first poetry book! Here it is!

I've been published with the super-cool Verve Poetry Press alongside the amazing talents that are Nafessa Hamid, Polarbear and Matt Abbott, amongst others.

Here is what they had to say about the book:

The Lolitas is an extraordinary first collection.

It is a genre distorting, disconcerting, dystopia of daughters, single parenting, love and abuse. From the lyric tenderness of the first kiss, to a place where poetry borders with reportage and records the experience of working with groomed girls in the care system.

Darkly humorous, the work weaves working class, feminist narratives of fiction, fact and foretelling, in an intensely readable, page-turning glut of the gamine.

The collection is in part a response to Nabokov’s Lolita, a response to the #metoo movement, and includes poems that explore the story of Shamina Begum, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and how Japan treats teenage girls.

It's really good. You can buy it here.

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