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Commissions Coming Out of My Ears!

Dear Diary, June appears to be write-a-cornucopia -of-commissions month. This is both exciting and terrifying! You know what happens at the cornucopia in The Hunger Games, yes? Death.

I'd applied for loads of stuff in the past few months and got 2 rejections and 2 yes pleases, and 1 unexpected email request in my inbox. Now- of course procrastination sets in and I update my website and write a rubbish blog post instead. Thank God my poetry is marginally better than my pants blog style. I sound like an American teenager who will never ever get famous for their web presence. If I was a blogger, only my mum would read it. She would share it on Facebook. My friends would 'like' it but not read it after that terrible first time.

Anyway- commissions. Bestest of all. Dancepoetry commissions.

1. First up- a collaborations with Josh Hawkins from He's got a commission from Dance Manchester to make some family friendly work for Sale Library initially, with a view to touring the work. I've had a super idea based on the creative direction Josh have given me. My deadline for first draft is in 6 days...

2. A collaboration for a micro-commission called 'Newfangled' from those super people at Pen:chant. They've paired me with Izzy Brittain. We're using the life and work of Dave Pearson as a stimulus- they're exhibiting him at The Turnpike, Leigh- and we'll be performing 10 minutes of whatever our creative brains devise. It will most definitely include contemporary dance and poetry...but maybe live art, costume, live music. We've got 2 days in the studio to create. We're performing on June 22nd. Come and watch!

3. A re-write of 'The Woman Who Turned Into An Eyeball' for the Deranged Poetesses- Mothers event. I so enjoyed creating this piece with Sarah Gough, Sarah Miller and Lee Affen a few years ago. I feel the time is right to rewrite the little minx for a grown-up audience. It was always a bit dark for children- first the under 5s cried, then the under 11s cried, but the firm of solicitors loved it! No nightmares from those crime-fighting Runcorn rascals. Performing this at Arc, Stockton on June 30th! If you like Tim Burton, Roald Dahl and are not a scaredy-pants come and watch! It's my first go at Pecha Kucha!!!!! Google this!

Love and other indoor sports,

Louise x

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