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Ham and Jam- Preston

Dear Diary,

I got to perform my full length solo show at Ham and Jam Coffee shop. What a sweet gig. It was absolutely rammed. The food was amazing. And so was I. Yes, I said it. I think I was pretty good and it reminded me why I like performing. People were crying laughing and people were crying crying. I forgot 'Love Is A Battlefield' is so emotive for other people... I forgot what it's like to step back inside the person I was when Daniel was in Afghanistan and I was at home with a 4 year old and a 5 year old. The music Lee Affen wrote is pretty beautiful. The audience were beautiful too. ( I got two more bookings and sold loads of CDs= Clarks shoes for the kids)

I tried out some of my comic material in the first half- before I went down the rabbit hole of heartbreak and war. Thank you Toria Garbutt for getting me those John Cooper Clark gigs. I've learned loads from that cheeky Peter Pan Rock Star Genius. Mostly doing the huge venues has given me more confidence to make people laugh and write some simpler work. I don't feel like it's dumbing down...I feel like it's have a better command of my writers muscles and finding new voices and textures to use.

Huge thanks to Garry Cook for organising, promoting and beautiful photography.

Louise x

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