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Mock The Greek (gods)

I've been doing some short form improv/ bar prov with Ian Hayles/ Casino Improv for the last six months. If this is gobbledegook already- think 'Who's Line Is It Anyway' -bagsy me being Josie Lawrence.

I'd recommend this to:

  • performance poets- may improve your compereing skills and the talking bit inbetween poems

  • teachers- great for stimulating creativity, new ideas and for giving spontaneous children and young people chance to shine

  • bored humans- it's fun, once you get past being terrified, it's so much fun

Last night I performed at my first ever long-form improv at Wigan Arts Festival. 'Mock The Greek' was the creation of a brand new Greek tragedy before your very eyes- featuring a hydroponic sea olive farm, some sassy sailors and the Temple of Bro (like Braaaaaahhhhh) I got to dress up in a sheet and be the hero- my fatal flaw? Cockiness towards my loving siblings... Could be any one of us here, right?

A huge thanks to The Old Courts for supporting this and to the members of Impropriety and Casino Improv for being super performers. I hope to see some of you at the next one! Watch this space...

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